The Rojac family has been making traditional and honest wine in the coastal region of Slovenska Istra since the 17th century.

Situated in the hills south of Koper and Izola, the picture-perfect Istrian village of Gažon was first settled during Roman times. Their production methods are governed by the philosophy that wine is created in the vineyards, meaning that the utmost care is not only taken during the cultivation process but was also given during the selection of the land on which the vineyards rest. And stunning land it is! Located on a ridge above the Drnica river, the terraced slopes are protected from Rojac strong winds and instead enjoy warm southerly breezes and ample sunlight throughout the year.

This unique micro-climate, coupled with the long-practiced low-yield cultivation technique with only a limited number of vines per hectare, allows Rojac to produce extremely high-quality natural wines of unconventional character.