The cellar of Denis Montanar is located in Borc Dodon, province of Udine, Italy. Denis was predestined to become a farmer, in fact he presents the fourth generation of the family of farmers.

His roots take us back to the early ages of the twentieth century when his great-grandfather began cultivating a few hectares of land under hay. In 1989 Denis began to lead the family business by renting grandfather vineyards. He continued to acquire hectares of vineyards around an old rural village with the idea of creating a territorial brand bearing the name of the hamlet: Borc Dodon. Not only wine but also ancient varieties of wheat, corn, buckwheat, medical herb for fertilizing and sunflowers for the oil are produced there. The vineyards grow on sandy lime and clay grounds, and ever since 1996 he has been practicing cultivated in organic ways with minimal treatments, using only low-dose copper and sulfur, hand-picked grapes and fermented wines with natural yeast.