The Klinec family has been engaging in winegrowing and winemaking in Medana since 1918.

At their farm they are aware of our responsibility and therefore we work around 6 hectares of vineyard in the surrounding of Medana (180 meter of altitude) sustainably - without chemical fertilizers, pesticides and herbicides. They fertilize own vines with a homemade compost and protect them against diseases using means that are harmless to the environment and the people. They are made of: herbal, vegetable extracts and extracts from seaweed; we also use sour clays, silicates, whey, limited quantities of bluestone and sulphur. Vineyards are grassed and covered with bushes and trees. Each vineyard thus lives as an ecosystem that we work in accordance with cosmic cycles. Such a respectful way of farming keeps the earth alive and vines live in complete balance, and in turn they produce exceptional fruits each year, which they use to make unique and natural wine.

Klinec wine is made from grapes produced organically in their own vineyards. They pick the grapes manually and transport them to their cellar. Here, the vinification process starts. Here, the vinification process starts. Grape berries are separated from the stems, placed in vessels together with juice and left for the indigenous yeast to trigger fermentation. The latter is carried out spontaneously, in contact with the grapes and takes from 5 to 30 days. After maceration, the grapes are pressed and decanted so that the alcoholic and malo-lactic fermentation is completed in traditional wooden barrels. Wines on lees - deposits that remain at the bottom of the barrel after the alcoholic fermentation ends - mature for two to three years in traditional barrels made of the wood of acacia, mulberry, wild cherry or oak.