Named after the cold, north-easterly wind that rips through the vineyards at speeds over 200km per hour, Burja is a family-owned estate run by the philosophical Primož Lavrenčič.

His family have lived in the fertile Vipava Valley since the late 15th century. This region of Slovenia is contiguous with Friuli in Italy, and is similarly known for its white wines, particularly from local varieties malvazija, zelen and rebula (ribolla gialla). Primož is dedicated to encouraging nature to express itself through his wine. He does this by farming the vineyards organically and biodynamically to maintain the biodiversity of the soil, and by working with these local varieties, the heritage of the region. The one exception is the vineyard of pinot noir that he inherited. However, he strives in the same way to allow the vineyard’s identity to shine through – a Burgundian wine with a Slovenian soul.