Jörg Bretz, born and bred Bavarian-Franconian, was a flying cellar master and nomadic winemaker for a long time before he settled down in Höflein, Carnuntum, Austria in the mid-2000s. Although “settled” is certainly not a term that would appeal to Jörg.

Bretz wines are difficult to impossible to describe in a quick way. They are an extreme contrast to the “products” vinified in the modern wine world, which are to be produced quickly and drunk even faster. Jörg, on the other hand, gives his wines the necessary time in every respect: long maceration periods, spontaneous fermentation, natural clarification in the barrel, followed by years of maturation in the barrel and later in the bottle. He uncovers the potential of indigenous grape varieties like no other, with as little intervention as possible in the vineyard and during vinification - the wine is meant to emerge naturally and not be made.